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A major seventh chord (M7 or Maj7) has a major triad plus a major seventh interval.


For instance, a C Major 7th or CM7 chord has the notes C, E, G, B, an AM7 chord has the notes A, C#, E, G#, and so on.  

The Swars are Sa, Ga, Pa, NI.

Another way of understanding 7th chords is to think of the chord as a combination of two overlapping triads - a major triad and a minor triad overlapping each other. A CM7 has the notes C, E, G, B. So, if you take the first 3 notes you get a C chord and if you take the last three notes, you get an Em chord. That is why the chord can give a feel of both chords and leaves you “floating” between the two chords! 

Common Positions

KB - CM7 - 1.PNG

CM7 (X,3,2,0,0,0)

KB - CM7 - 2.PNG


KB - FM7 - 1.PNG

FM7 (X,3,3,2,1,0)

Read "Khaas Baat" handbook for more!

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