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Khaas Baat is available in paperback and electronic versions on Amazon . Visit the following links to place your order: (India) (US)

Amazon. ca (Canada) (UK) (Australia)

About the Book

A comprehensive handbook for rhythm guitarists and other musicians, this book is a handy companion for anyone wanting to better understand the concept of scales and chords used in popular music.

The book has detailed explanations with song examples for the most commonly used chords, scales and strumming patterns. The book references theoretical concepts and naming conventions from both Western and Hindustani Classical music.

This first edition includes chords for over 150 popular songs from the Bollywood music genre. Visit to access more than 350 lessons on the author's Youtube channel.

This book is a must-have if you have been watching my lessons and wanted to quickly reference the musical concepts, tips and techniques shared through my online lessons.

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