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A Minor 7th chord, also known as an m7 Chord, has a minor triad plus a minor seventh interval.


For instance, a Cm7 chord has the notes C, Eb, G, Bb, an Am7 chord has the notes A, C, E, G, and so on.  


The Swars are Sa ga Pa ni.

Another way of understanding Minor 7th chords is to think of the chord being a combination of two overlapping triads. A Minor 7th chord has a minor triad and a major triad overlapping each other. 

For instance, an Am7 has the notes A, C, E, G. So, if you take the first 3 notes you get an Am chord and if you take the last three notes, you get a C chord. So, an Am7 chord gives you the feel of an Am chord with a touch of C as well! This is very useful if the section of the melody where want to place a chord has all 4 notes and you want to capture all the notes without losing the “minor” feel of the song. 

Note that a Minor 7th chord can be inverted with the major chord as its base so it gives more of major chord feel with a touch of minor as well! This is known as an Added 6th or simply 6th Chord, see more of this further below in another section.

Common Positions

KB - Am7 - 1.jpg

Am7 (0,0,2,0,1,0)

KB - Am7 - 2.jpg

Am7 (5,7,5,5,5,5)

KB - C#m7 - 1.jpg

C#m7 (4,4,6,4,5,4)

Read "Khaas Baat" handbook for more!

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